There are so many beautiful things in this world. As a scientist, I get to see this beauty everyday. Working with plants affords me the opportunity to closely examine my specimens on a daily basis, and in doing so I have come to realize how spectacular Ledebouria really are. Luckily, funding from the Huntington Botanical Gardens allowed to explore Namibia, where I got to collect a lot of interesting species that have some pretty interesting characteristics. In order to show this beauty to the public (and teach them a bit about what I do), I joined up with fellow graduate students at the University of Florida and the Florida Museum of Natural History for the 'Art Of Biology' art display at the Hippodrome theater in Gainesville, Florida (Nov 10-22, 2015). We all displayed micro- and macroscopic images of our study subjects, which ranged from nematodes to landscapes, and taught people about what we are doing for our research and our goals of our work. Associated with each picture was a little blurb about what they were looking at and the science behind it. During Opening Night (Friday, Nov. 13th, 2015) is when we had the chance to interact face-to-face with the public and truly show off our stuff. The sales from the event went into a fund that is meant as a way to help promote future art- and science-related outreach activities in the community or elsewhere. We had a great amount of press (UF NEWs and The Alligator) and the turnout was amazing with over 150 people attending Opening Night alone, which happened to coincide with the Gainesville Fall Arts Festival. No telling how people actually saw our science! Below I've share the images I put in this display. Hope you enjoy!